Can Animal Agriculture be Regenerative?

Can Animal Agriculture be Regenerative?

Can Animal Agriculture be Regenerative?

Here at Chef’s Vault, sustainability is at the core of who we are. We care about where our food comes from, we care about the world we live in and how it will look in years to come. As April is Earth Month, we wanted to address the question: can animal agriculture truly be regenerative?

…the answer is yes, it can.

Agriculture is one of the biggest emitters of CO2, the greenhouse gas most responsible for effecting climate change. 8 Acres is our incredible beef supplier and is a leading example of how animal agriculture can be sustainable and even regenerative. 8 Acres is a regenerative farm- which in short means everything works in a cycle to restore and rehabilitate the ecosystem while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

To break it down, the beef from our farm is humanely raised and antibiotic free. The cattle are 100% grass-fed and they spend their lives grazing on fresh grass and plants. When the cattle graze the field, it will eat grasses and the excrement will have small seeds in it.  When the hoof of the cow moves on to the next pasture, they step on their excrement and effectively plant seeds into the ground with their nutrients cultivating the land and reseeding for future growth.

Close-up of cow
Pre-spring cattle drive

Some benefits of how the 💩 fertilized soil benefits the farm:

  • More resilient soil is produced that can better withstand climate change impacts

  • Produces strong yields of nutrient-rich crops

  • The grass’ roots draw an enormous amount of carbon from the atmosphere

  • Better soils eliminate ground erosion which ultimately leads to improved water quality on and off the farm

Our supplier 8 Acres use their regenerative farm for growing crops to sell, and for supplying organic 100% grass-fed beef sustainably. We love working with founders and farmers, Ben and Bryce because their business’ mission and values align with ours. They’re passionate about what we consume daily, their ecological footprint on earth and how they can improve farming for future generations to come.

The Chef’s Vault commitment is not only to provide you with products from the best suppliers in Canada (and in some cases other countries) but also to make it easy to follow a sustainability mandate that aligns with ours.

A cow and her calf