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        7 Grilling Habits You Really Need to Break

        7 Grilling Habits You Really Need to Break

        It’s time to step up your BBQ game!

        So, we love barbecuing- no doubt about it. In fact, we’re pretty damn good grillers too. That being said… we are also guilty of occasionally cheating and using a few “cooking hacks” to save us a bit of time.

        Although these quick tips might be a time saver when you’re in a crunch, it’s easy to fall into lazy routines that are difficult to unlearn. BUT no fear, here are seven of the most serious grilling sins (we all know you’ve done at least a few of these once) and how you can kick these bad habits to the curb.

        1. Not Cleaning the grill

        This was the first on the list for obvious reasons. If you tell us that you’ve never skipped grill cleaning… we won’t judge. But we both know the truth 😉

        Cleaning the grill must happen at some point. Think about how amazing it is when you open the lid of the grill and it’s sparkling clean and ready to be used. Now think about the last time you skipped cleaning the grill and how dirty it was. If there’s anything worse than trying to clean baked-on crud that’s been sitting there for several days, it’s trying to scrape off baked-on crud that’s been sitting there for months.

        If you get in the habit of cleaning the grill when you’re finished cooking, you’ll never have to deal with this problem again.

        On a side note, when cleaning the grill, opt not to use wire brushes. The wire bristles can break off, remain on the grill and end up in the food you’re eating. If you accidentally ingest the wire bristles you could end up with some very serious internal injuries. 😨

        Try a non-wire brush with a scraper as an alternative. You can get your grill as clean as possible, without any hazardous leftover wires!

        2. Using Lighter fluid

        There are SO many reasons this is a bad idea. First reason, it tastes terrible. The kerosene permeates your food, which is definitely not ideal to ingest. Secondly, I think we all know that one ‘friend’ that sees a dwindling fire and decides to squirt a little bit more on there… well, I think we’ve all experienced that singed eyebrow look at least once.

        So, what's the alternative? A chimney starter. It’s the easiest way to light charcoal for the grill. Once you’ve mastered the chimney starter, you’ll be able to produce specific temperatures. Your ‘friend’ will never go near your grill again. 😎

        3. Leaving the lid open

        If you like:

        • Cooking your meat properly and thoroughly
        • Not having ash blown on your food
        • Not having your food exposed to dirt and debris from the wind or breeze
        • Having control of the temperature of the grill

        Simply, keep the grill lid closed.

        4. Grilling cold food

        We know you can’t wait to get your Chef’s Vault premium meat and seafood on the barbecue, but it’s vital that it’s properly thawed before grilling.

        Grilling is about cooking the food quickly; you don’t want to do anything to slow down the process. The best way is to plan ahead, ensuring lots of time for the frozen meat and seafood to reach room temperature for at least 30 minutes before grilling them. The same rule applies for meat and seafood that is in the refrigerator. Tempering your meat is very important! If you skip this step you’ll be stuck with steaks with a perfect medium rare centre, and a charcoaled exterior. #NoBurntSteaks

        5. Applying sugary marinades too early

        Speaking of burning your food- we’ve all been there. Sauces and marinades with a high sugar content will start to smoke and burn on the grill, inevitably creating a smoky, blackened mess on the outside of your meat long before it’s fully cooked on the inside! To prevent ruining your meal (and meat!) wait to brush the food with the marinade during the last couple minutes of grilling. Gives just enough time to get that perfect caramelization and flavour.

        6. Putting fish directly on the grill grates

        This may be beyond a rookie mistake. Placing fish right on the grates is a major bad idea for many reasons. With the flaky meat and thin skin, fish is incredibly delicate. When grilled properly, it can be the most delicious dish. When placed directly on the grates it can adhere to your grill and leave you with a sticky mess. Even worse, sometimes this can lead the fish to fall apart and fall through your grates. If you hated cleaning your barbecue before, you’ll hate it even more now.

        For the sake of cleaning your grill, put the fish on foil, cedar planks, cast iron skillet or grill pan! 😉

        7. Overcrowding the grill

        We totally get the impatience… you’re getting hangry and the food is smelling absolutely divine. But it’s definitely not a good idea to load up the grill with everything from your top-sellers bundle all at once, you’ll instantly lower the grill’s temperature and cause your food to spend longer cooking.

        When every inch of your grill is occupied, good luck finding space to move your items. There will be no space to put your food into a cool-zone as they’re done cooking. It may lead to the unfortunate case of overcooking your meat. To avoid fuelling your hanger, leave at least 30 per cent of your grill space open. This extra space will allow everything to cook evenly and will soothe any unnecessary hunger-based rages.

        There you have it. Seven easy tips to elevate your #grillmaster status.

        If all of these tips are sounding like a lot of work and you’re dreading the very thought of step 1: cleaning your grill… did you know we have a Personal Chef Experience that will cater to your cooking needs? Not only does the Personal Chef plan, prep, and cook… but our Personal Chef also tidies up after the meal. That’s right, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the perfectly grilled meat and seafood.

        So, whether it’s a fun weeknight meal for you and your family or you’re wanting to host a small dinner party, our Personal Chef will guarantee you an experience that you and your tastebuds are unlikely to forget.

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