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        COOKING INSPIRATION — Whole Chicken

        Whole Chicken

        Whole Chicken

        Whole Chicken Brined and Roasted

        Brine Ingredients:

        • 5L water
        • 1-1/2 cup salt
        • 2 tbsp black pepper
        • 2 tbsp mustard seed
        • 1 bunch thyme
        • 1 bunch rosemary


        1. Combine all ingredients into large pot, bring to boil, whisk, cool
        2. Add chicken making sure the chicken is fully submerged
        3. Refrigerate for at least 24 hours (48 ideally). Pull chicken from brine and pat dry with towel
        4. Place back in fridge on a rack for 12 hours allowing skin to dry out.


        1. In a small roasting pan or skillet place chicken breasts side up
        2. Rub small amount of oil all over the chicken with a small amount of salt
        3. Roast at 320 for 35min rotating pan every 10-12 minutes
        4. Crank oven up to 450 for last 10 minutes while basting with fat that has rendered off the bird
        5. Once skin is golden brown and crispy let the chicken rest for 20 minutes
        6. Carve and enjoy!