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        What is Chef’s Vault?

        Chef’s Vault is a premium meat & seafood delivery service. We started out supplying the top restaurants in Canada with high-quality meats and seafoods, and decided it was time to start bringing the same products to your doorstep! All of our products are sustainably sourced and are frozen immediately after harvesting to ensure amazing taste and freshness.


        Where do you Deliver?

          We deliver to the following areas: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Barrie, Bolton, Orangeville, Caledon, Brampton, Milton, Halton Hills, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Baden, and Ottawa.


          Why are Chef’s Vault products different?

            We offer products you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. We spend all day, every day searching Canada for the best products in the country and we love sharing them with you. Not only are our products exceptionally high quality, but each has a special story behind it.


            What is the minimum order size?

            We don't have a minimum order size!


            How much is delivery?

            Delivery is free for orders over $149 and is $20 for all other orders.


            What is the delivery process?

            All orders placed by Monday at 10am will be delivered on Wednesday and Thursday.

            Our driver will ring your doorbell, place your order on a piece of paper on your doorstep and step back to 6ft. If you’re not home, we’ll reschedule!


            What days do you deliver?

            We deliver Wednesday and Thursday!


            How do you choose your suppliers?

            We take our sourcing seriously and put a great deal of thought into who we partner with. We look for partners who deliver top-quality products, who harvest their products in a humane and sustainable way, and who make it a priority to ensure that our food sources are around for generations to come.


            Are your products sustainably sourced?

            Yes – a top priority for Chef’s Vault is that our suppliers have sustainable mandates and are in it for the long haul. We want to ensure that our food supplies are around for generations to come. Our wild, line-caught turbot and beef that’s raised on a regenerative farm are two of many examples of our commitment to sustainability.


            What is regenerative farming?

            Regenerative farming refers to a method of farming that is not only a humane approach, but is beneficial to the environment. The cattle are raised on large plots of land with mixed vegetation, and their grazing areas are rotated regularly, giving the vegetation an opportunity to regenerate and to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

            What does line-caught mean?

            Line-caught applies to fish, and it refers to fish that were caught with a fishing line, as opposed to with a net. Line fishing is the most sustainable form of fishing, as it results in no by-catch (only the intended type of fish is caught with no others being caught in the process).

            How do you ensure the safety of the food you offer?

            All of our products have a HACCP certification and are certified by the CFIA. This means that these companies follow strict food safety protocols.

            Are all of your products frozen?

            Yes, all of our products are flash-frozen immediately after harvesting and delivered frozen to your doorstep to ensure amazing taste and freshness.

            What COVID-19 safety precautions are you taking?

            We are ensuring that our contactless delivery process is as safe as possible. Our delivery driver will ring your doorbell, place your order on a slip of paper on your doorstep and step back to a safe distance. If you’re not home to receive your order, we’ll reschedule!