Pinot Grigio


Cantina di Rauscedo

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Fruili, Italy

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Cantina Rauscedo is a cooperative that unites people with their ideals of sharing and social cohesion. The strength lies in the values and spirit that has given the founding members the intuition that a whole country, made up of people, families and individuals, would become a solid reality for the production of authentic wine over the years, the one that originates from the stony lands.

The wine for Rauscedo is a creed and there you will be welcomed by the welcome given by its inhabitants who proudly declare: "Rauscedo, the roots of the wine".

Tasting Notes

Straw yellow with coppery reflections. Mixture of fruity pear scents and almond. Full-bodied flavor, smooth, reminiscent of ripe fruit. Ideal with vegetables and white meat.