Baffin Island Turbot Portion (6oz)

Baffin Island Turbot Portion (6oz)

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Our line-caught Baffin Island turbot is a truly exceptional product, with brilliant white meat, a large flake and a delicate flavour. Due to the pristine waters its sourced from, our turbot has an optimal fat and oil content resulting in 2x the omega 3 oils and a texture and taste that will stay with you forever.

Product arrives frozen.


Our turbot is line caught by Inuit fishermen in Baffin Island, a place known for her remoteness, harsh conditions, and beauty. Using skidoos, carrying nets and long lines, they travel hundreds of miles to reach the fishing grounds of the interior. They then must penetrate 8 feet of ice to reach their catch. The end product is worth the effort, as the pristine Arctic waters beneath the ice are some of the cleanest in the world.

The inaccessibility of Baffin Island make the catches unique. Very few places in the world yield a product that is as pure and high quality. This product helps support the Inuit fisherman from Pangnirtung and helps preserve our northern frontier.