Black Cod (6oz portion) Ocean Wise Recommended

Black Cod (6oz portion) Ocean Wise Recommended

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A treasured delicacy, our Black Cod (Sablefish) has a rich flavor and a buttery smooth texture. This sought-after fish has a brilliant white colouring with a large, delicate flake. Black Cod is perfect pan fried, oven baked, grilled or poached. Take your home cooking to the next level and create a miso-marinated black cod masterpiece.

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Our Black Cod is sustainably fished, wild-caught off the coast of B.C. and Alaska. To ensure best practices, fish harvesters are accountable for their catch of black cod with 100% at-sea video or observer monitoring and validation of dockside landings. 

Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the global community to join forces to protect the health of our oceans. Specifically, Ocean wise works to engage, inform and inspire people to experience curiosity, wonder, and a desire for an ever-deeper understanding about oceans, as well as a way to conserve them.

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