Harley Farms Lamb Loin Chops (two loin chops per pack- 7.65 ounces total)

Harley Farms Lamb Loin Chops (two loin chops per pack- 7.65 ounces total)

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Harley Farms loin chops are the perfect marinating meat. Whether you choose to marinate with curry spices, Mediterranean or keep it classic with some olive oil and garlic they are perfect for any meal. Easy to grill, fry or bake they make dinner look effortless while packing all the flavor!


Harley Farms originated in East Kennett, England. Roger and Julie, together with their children James and Emily, used natural farming protocols to farm over 4,500 acres that included 2,500 breeding ewes and lambs, 1,000 head of fattening cattle, outdoor farrow to finish hogs, while also producing all their own winter supply of forage.

In 2000,  They moved to Canada from the UK and in 2002 they purchased their present farms near Keene, Ontario where they started working on, and developing sustainability agricultural standards and protocols, that would work in Canada, to cover the sustainability of the environment, animal welfare and the financial well being of the farmer.

At Harley Farms, their goal is to produce livestock and crops in a way that aligns with the surrounding natural environment and with a special focus on animal and bird welfare. For more information visit their Regenerative Agriculture page. As a result, their customers can have confidence that Harley Farms products are fully traceable and come from livestock which are humanely and sustainably raised.

Their farming system is grounded in the belief that their animals should be raised as humanely and naturally as possible. As a result, their farm animals are kept together in family groups for most of their lives, which reduces their stress levels and supports their overall health. They also believe in maximizing the use of our pastures and forage crops, which allows the animals to subsist predominantly on the plants and crops they are meant to consume, thereby reducing the dependency on grains in their livestock finishing program.

Harley Farms strives to provide their animals with as much fresh air and abundant space to roam as possible, preferring to shelter rather than confine them. Their Heritage Tamworth sows, for example, can be seen out in the fields year-round with their young. Even on the coldest, snowiest days, the pigs seem happiest outside as long as they have a dry and warm shelter to retreat to when they’re ready to come in. Harley Farms breeds livestock best suited to the climate and surrounding environment and likely to thrive and fatten off a pasture and forage based diet.