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Dixie and Bass

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Columbia Valley, USA

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France, Italy, California. When it comes to wine — and maybe fashion and food — they're already on the map. In fact, they're in the dead center of the map. One might argue (especially if his name is Jock) that France drew up the map in the first place. Which would start a food fight with a guy from Tuscany. The question is, are Washington wines even on that map? Absolutely. Over the years there have been a bunch of important wines from Washington State. "Important." That's the way they talk about them. Actually, we're not really sure what they're getting at. I mean, can a wine be important? Paying your bills, that's important. Loving your kids, that's important. A wine...? Maybe to those of us who make them, it is. In fact, making the best wine we can is one of the most important things in the world to us. When you enjoy a bottle of Dixie & Bass with friends, we want you to like it, enjoy it, feel like it was money well spent. So keep your eye out for us Washington vintners. We may not be known for our foie gras, and you won't see a lot of Chanel or Marc Jacobs in the fields, but our out Jacqué.

Tasting Notes

Our 2018 Red Blend is equal parts savory herb, baking spice, and ripe fruit on the nose with dried tarragon, red cherry, espresso, and vanilla. Very inviting on the palate, this surprisingly complex wine offers loads of fruit and dried herb on the fore palate, leading to a very round, soft mid palate dominated by rich, chewy tannins and bright red fruit. The long, clean finish showcases the wine's complexity, while rich tannins invite another sip. Pour with pungent cheeses like gorgonzola, a grilled hanger steak or pork tenderloin, or try with wild rice and mushroom-stuffed peppers. You’ll always have the perfect red on hand if you have a bottle of the Dixie and Bass 2018 Red Blend in your pantry. Balancing the structure of a Cab and Cab Franc with the juiciness of Malbec and Merlot, this wine is the perfect companion whether for a cozy afternoon of cooking or a chill evening by the fire.