Half-Split Lobster (7oz)

Half-Split Lobster (7oz)

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Enjoy an effortless lobster like never before. Our MSC certified wild-caught Nova Scotian half-split lobster is firm, meaty and succulent with a fresh, sweet and slightly salty taste. The meat is a perfectly clean platform for any chef to build a beautiful dish such as a lobster thermidor with the romance of an in-shell experience. Included in our lobster split is the meat from one half lobster tail, one claw, one knuckle and four legs for a perfect half lobster.

Product arrives frozen.


Our lobsters are sourced live from local fishermen in Nova Scotia and processed in a humane way which is the gold standard. The meat is removed with pressurized, highly purified water, as opposed to using heat and additives, which leaves the meat completely raw and preserves its natural flavour. The meat is then immediately cryogenically flash frozen and vacuum sealed for unparalleled quality and freshness.