Smoked Salmon (8oz)

Smoked Salmon (8oz)

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Our signature smoked salmon is procured from Toronto’s finest smokehouse which provides smoked salmon products to restaurants, caterers, and individual customers across Southern Ontario.

Not all smoked salmon is created equal. Our curing process uses a lower salt percentage compared to mass-produced smoked salmon. The result is a beautiful and fresh flavour profile with notes of sugars, black pepper, and lemon. When purchasing this smoked salmon, you can be assured there are no artificial preservatives or flavours, and that you are supporting a local business that is smoking and hand-carving each slice. Our slices, depending on the size of the original filet.

Product arrives frozen to preserve freshness and flavour.


Our salmon is sourced strictly from Canadian salmon producers who meet Best Aquaculture Practices and is from the cold and pristine waters of the Canadian Atlantic Ocean.